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"Can I have a private channel?"
Of course, simply follow this link, fill in the form and press CREATE. Your channel will be created immediately and will be found in the bottom at the TeamSpeak. Check your email account for the Privilege Key sent to you, add it to TeamSpeak through Permissions > Use Privilege Key to recieve your Channel Owner permissions.


"Can my channel be moved higher?"
No, you must wait for inactive channels to be deleted above you and slowly move up the tree. Alternatively you can donate for VIP and have your channel moved into the VIP section.


"Why is private message and poking disabled?"
We have disabled these features for guests due to the attempted spread of malware and advertising of malicious TeamSpeaks in attempt to cause users issues.


"Can I donate to Enigma-Gaming?"
Yes, all donations big or small are welcomed to help us continue to run the TeamSpeak. Read the information here.


"I've changed PC or my TeamSpeak UID and lost channel owner, can I get it back?"
Yes, simply join the help channel at the top of TeamSpeak and the staff will go through the recovery process with you.


"Can I be a Mod/Admin?"
You can apply for a staff position by clicking here.


"I want to apply for a high ranking staff position (Senior Admin)."
You cannot apply for any position higher than Mod, higher positions are earned through the help you give to running the TeamSpeak.


"I joined the TeamSpeak today and would like to apply for a staff position."
While we have nothing against applying after joining so soon, we do advise that you don't do this as it's highly unlikely that you will be voted in by the other staff members.


"I'd like to make a complaint about a member of staff."
Please send any complaints directly to Patrick, either via email, steam or on TeamSpeak.

"A user has joined my channel and started to troll/harass me, I need help."
If a user has joined your channel and started to disturb/troll/harass you and you wish for them to be removed from the channel (if we haven't noticed them in there already) then please join the help channel at the top of TeamSpeak and we will be happy to help you.


"My friend is causing issues in my Private Channel, I no longer want him in there."
In cases like these we will help where we can but will avoid getting involved unless necessary, we will however advise either making a new private channel or removing their permissions from the current (Do not do this if they created the channel). Change the channel password and then kick the user from the channel.

"Are there any ongoing giveaways?"
You can check our giveaway forum section, any unlocked threads are in progress.


"Where did you get the channel creation script? Can I buy it?
It's custom coded and no, you cannot buy it.


"What is the Forum Registered and how can I get it?"

The Forum Register server group is given to users who've signed up to the forums and have posted an introduction.

It grants you permissions such as the ability to set an avatar and higher subscribe, see all the benefits.

Information on all the Server groups and Channel groups.


If you have any questions please post them in the Ask a Question forum section. Thanks.

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