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How to use your Privilege Key

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Firstly, start up TeamSpeak and connect to the server. Once online you should click the drop down box Permissions.




Once viewing the permissions tab, you should then select use Privilege Key.




You will then be prompted with a entry box where you should copy and paste the Privilege key given to you in your email.





If you have any issues doing this, please let us know.

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2 hours ago, DavHugh said:

Just scrolling through the forums and saw this. What is a Privilege key? And what kind of thing would it be used for? @Patrick


It's what gives you channel owner if you do it manually, i.e.; 




Privilege key:-  NLgdOSdPE6vkD9QiPqhVhFdq9+O9mQW7c2DWi1Fl

Please note this has a one-time use! If you have any issues do not hesitate to contact us. *If you connected directly via the link, this has already been applied for you*

Your channel info -
Channel Name: test
Channel Password: test
Authorised Email: 


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