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Server Groups Guide

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This guide will explain all of the ranks available on the server. Channel ranks are explained in this post.


Misc. Ranks

E6QMSdE.png Regular - Friends of Patrick/Other High-level staff may receive this rank.

5JF4jUe.png Radio - The Hive365 music bot in the music channel has this rank.

qvkxtX9.png Donator - Donate £3 or more to get this rank.

De7kx1j.png Top Donator - The person who has donated the most to the server gets this rank.

hLIoAZT.png Veteran - This is a rank carried over from previous versions of the server. It can no longer be attained.

q5j7kjv.png Forum Registered - You must make an introductory post here on the forums to get this rank.

2jyIhnI.png Streamer - Verified streamers get this rank. If you have a twitch stream and want to apply for this rank, contact Patrick.

CSGO Tournament #1 Winners KIRJ8Rf.png/Runners Up qYPL2Jf.png/3rd Place KfOiAl8.png - Given to users who competed in the first CSGO tournament and came First, Second and Third place respectively.


CSGO & LOL Ranks

These ranks all correspond to a rank in-game. You can set one of these ranks to show off your in-game status.

wsq1cc9.png TD2MTE8.png X66KRMh.png C5i1dD8.png bz4EOnz.png v7p5XxN.png 8j3p9Fm.png gTSeHao.png Wn6Vn5C.png bkYSqyy.png ToEOqXW.png SPW2BGk.png UG8yKvb.png 2JkdoJD.png 2wTqLRx.png r9f12a2.png DoRUkIm.png FarYIJw.png

Qipxbfo.png 3CgjGxi.png QzRKnWE.png HINZYy2.png JjtWBih.png iOgI3Cr.png


Time-Based Ranks

5FKoApE.png Verified User - Once it has been 60 days since your first connection and you have connected to the server 30 times, you can go here to verify your client.

The other time-based ranks such as Commoner and Member are explained here.


Staff Ranks (Highest to Lowest)

tY6rU5t.png Founder - Only Patrick, Enigma-Gaming's founder, has this rank.

rt71Bn0.png Manager

lyP1PIM.png Senior Admin

63C6Wtk.png Admin 

jlwaTCH.png High Mod 

BRDWRJa.png Mod - You will receive this rank if you apply for Mod and are accepted.

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