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Survey Feedback

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I'd just like to take a moment to publicly respond to some of the feedback submitted in the survey.

Rearrange server channels in the order they are used (most - least) instead of old - new

While this is possible, it would require a extreme amount of coding to detect what channels are most active. Then determining if this would be based on how may people are in the channel at any time of the day or how many people were in the the channel. The largest problem with this is that channels would be constantly moving and changing places causing frame rate issues in TeamSpeak and causing the application to run slower.

Maybe you should reduce the minimum time of the channels to be used before deleting the semi-permanent channel.

There is a lot of channels before mine.. However most seem to be unused.

There were logs of comments about channels looking inactive and that we should delete inactive channels etc. Currently every minute we have a script that runs that will check every single channel on the teamspeak to see if there is anyone in there, if a user is detected the database's entry's field containing a unix timestap of the time the a user was seen in there.

Every so often, I will run the deletion script which will in turn usually remove between 50-150 channels at a time. You'll have likely seen this once or twice when a huge amount of channel deletion spam from a user called "Enigma-Activity" comes up in the main tab. I do not want to do this more regularly as I want to leave everyone plenty of time to ensure their channel is not deleted.

I would mute the "User entered your channel" User left your channel" User was kicked out of your channel" in the main lobby.

This is client-sided and cannot be disabled by us, all you can do is mute your audio when you're in the lobby.

Ability to change channel icons for atleast the primary channel of custom room.

While I've thought of adding the ability to select a game icon for your main channel when you create the channel, I decided not to do this due to the sheer amount of users/channels we have as all historical channels would be unable to set one of these icons without contacting staff and would take up a drastic amount of time to edit the channel and set the requested icon for each user.

The ability to use text chat. I haven't looked into seeing if this is a premium feature or what, but if not, I would like to be able to send messages in addition to chat over voice.

For security reasons we have disabled text chat in all public channels and private messaging across server. If you have a private channel you are able to message each other and into the channel as long as you set your users to "Password Immune, Channel Mod or Channel Admin" obviously the channel owner can do this already.

No password for sub-channels

You guys have requested this for such a long time, but the reality of this is that we deal with an insane amount of people just trying to harass and troll. We're able to moderate the public channels and keep an eye on general abuse in these channels. It would be very difficult for us to manage every single private channel that has created a public channel as these malicious/annoying users would constantly join these channels.

Decrease the amount of DDOS's.

I really wish it was this simple, we now have much much better Anti-DDOS protection in place but it will never be 100% perfect and I'll always do my best to work and keep things running as smoothly as possible. On an average day we get hit by around 3-5 DDOS attacks.

Community Events

We'll plan more of these and try and get some done! If you have any idea/suggestions for events, do let us know.

Ability to customise your channel name without having to make a new one. Also make a system where messaging mods is possible rather than using voice chat.

One of the ways we manage your channels is by channel name so we will not be enabling this. You can always just private message a member of staff, you don't have to voice chat with them. We have also now re-implemented live chat support via the site.

To be able to favourite channels so that they would stay at the top of your channel list 

TeamSpeak does not offer this functionality.

Host some gameservers

We host a few CSGO servers, but are always open to suggestions for more that we could host.

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