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TeamSpeak server 3.2.0

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We've updated our server to TeamSpeak 3.2.0 which enables the ability to use unicode emoji's in TeamSpeak channel names, client names, text chat etc.


What is unicode emoji? 

Unicode is the standard for text & emoji (but currently there are many different versions of looks, but it's a standard for making them  reference the same emoji on all devices)




An example of icons that you could use:



Currently on Windows it doesn't look great.. this is due to Windows font not having coloured emoji.


(We're currently hoping TeamSpeak will release a client update with coloured emoji's packaged with the client rather than defaulting to Windows plain text ones)


Here's what it looks like on iOS:



A good site to copy/paste & search for unicode emoji is here: https://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode 


For example: https://apps.timwhitlock.info/unicode/inspect/hex/1F601 


You can use these as you wish, currently we have no plans on banning any of these being in names or channel names. As far as I'm aware not ALL unicode emoji's are supported, but a significant amount are so you should be able to use them without a problem. 



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