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Feedback Request: CSGO/LOL rank setting

Rank picking  

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So it's long overdue but I'm starting to plan how I'm going to remake the ability to set CSGO/League Ranks for the TS server, the scripts are old and quite frankly.. shit. They were some of the first and earliest scripts I made. 


Now in planning there a few options, the first is to leave them where they are and simply re-design and optimise the code; 


This means they would stay at these links:


CSGO: https://enigma-gaming.co.uk/rank


League: https://enigma-gaming.co.uk/league-rank


Option 2 -  This idea is to move the ranks into the Points System's setting page so that the points system interface would become even more useful in managing your client.


Here's a quick demo of what it'd look like:




This way has a much better look and is more user-friendly, I can also do something like when you hover over the icon/selection you'll see a hover tooltip that'll say what rank it is, a quick example:



This is no way an example of what the final look would be.


The current rank you have on the server would have it's selection automatically toggled, i.e. if you have no rank the cross would automatically be selected. 


The existing links to the rank scripts would automatically forward the user straight into the settings page with their UID automatically filled in, as long as they are on the server. If they're not on the server they would just see an error or explanation to be connected. 



Please let me know what you think and what you'd like to see here.


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