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Hey guys/girls , it's me

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from Germany and CS:GO (Global)Rust and Battlefield 1 :)

If you happen to see me in a public channel you can hit me up if you feel like playing any of the games I listed above (for CS:GO a matching rank would be really nice, makes things a bit easier) but FaceiT is always an option.

If you don't happen to speak German/English, I am able to speak some French and Hungarian and if it is only for CS:GO comms I can speak Danish as well :)

Anyways, I am happy to be here and glad to meet you on the TS server.


Just a sidenote: I am on this TS server since nearly a year, I just happened to come across this forum recently :P


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Hi mate, welcome to the Forums!

Here are the TeamSpeak server features: Click.

Here are the TeamSpeak rules in case you need them: Click.

And here are our latest giveaways. Make sure to join them for free stuff!

If you want to apply as a Staff Member for TeamSpeak, click here.


Good Luck Finding Your Way Through The Forums, Exploring The Deepest Enigmas Out There!

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