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Points System - Beta Testing

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Our points system is now in it's beta phase, we consider this now to be live. We don't expect to reset the data unless there is a serious coding change or flaw found. 


You will receive X points per minute as listed below: 


Active: 6 Points Per Min

Idle: 2 Point Per Min


Normal Users:

Active: 4 Points Per Min

Idle: 1 Point Per Min


To get started you simply go to here: https://enigma-gaming.co.uk/points

This is where you can view how many points you have and gamble them. 


You can obtain the following server-groups based on your current points amount:

1,000+ Points - Blue
10,000+ Points - Orange
50,000+ Points - Green
100,000+ Points - Purple
500,000+ Points - Pink
1,000,000+ Points - Turquoise
10,000,000+ Points - Aqua
50,000,000+ Points -  Grey
100,000,000+ Points - Black
500,000,000+ Points - Gold
1,000,000,000+ Points - Ruby
50,000,000,000+ Points - Emerald
500,000,000,000+ Points - Diamond


Here are the large versions of these icons: 






If you are confused @Summer has written a guide:






If you have any questions or feedback, please post them here:



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If you are seen using multiple UIDs to cheat you will be reset to 0.


If you do this multiple times you will be banned from using the points system. 

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