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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so I had some pretty good bank, and then when I pressed submit, my computer took ages to press it and the page took ages to load before saying, "You don't have enough points your current points: 1" or something like that. I'm really annoyed right now as I had over a billion points.
  2. If you manage to find a bug that is a real issue, you will be rewarded an amount of points. This amount of points is dependant on how serious the bug is, if it's a serious bug it could be 10,000,000+ points. For a minor bug it could be 50,000-300,000. Help me to make sure everything is running great and you'll be rewarded in points and maybe some cool other features in the future. Reports will be tagged in the following order. unconfirmed > confirmed or no-issue > in-progress > fixed This allows me to keep a transparent development so you can see what's going on. Bugs must be submitted here: https://forum.enigma-gaming.co.uk/forum/46-bug-reports/
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