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Found 28 results

  1. Hi im Eky Im from Spain and use TeamSpeak with my friend to play games. I normally play Minecraft and StarCraft Im a 35 years old father. I did this post pretending to get the Forum Registered Forum Channel Group Thank you all
  2. Ensän

    Hello guys

    Hi everyone, I'm Ensän, that's human in arabic, but you can just call me En. Joined enigma first time last year. Usually hang out at TS Squad channel with my friends, we play Fortnite; LoL; R6; mostly, we are friendly so feel free to drop by. Nice to be here and GL - Ensän
  3. Hi, my name is Brandon! Call me XLS I don't mind. I'm 17 years old and live in the UK. I work 5pm-11pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in a takeaway, the money isn't great but it gets me through the month considering I don't need to worry about bills and stuff. I'm a guitarist and I've been playing for around 6/7 years now and I still feel like I've made no progress . I dropped out of college from a media course, not because I found it hard(Because I didn't), because I didn't like the people I was obligated to work with... They were too, immature and not the brightest of the bunch. I found the course fun but then it got way too stressful having to help everyone and sort things out that I wasn't even involved in. I didn't do too well on my GCSE's but that was because I had a lot of personal problems at home and outside of school, I'm planning on going back into education now to sort those grades that I didn't quite reach. I'm a gamer, obviously, I play a lot of CS:GO and only a little bit of GTA V FiveM. I prefer CS:GO over anything though but I'm currently looking for a team to join but having no luck. If anyone wants to join me on CS:GO my steam link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/PerksGamer/ . If you want to catch me on TS3 my channel name is CS:GO KnowALL. Just message me asking to join or add me on steam to ask to join and I'll most likely let you. I'm a MG and I have over 1000+ hours on the game. I don't hack or cheat in any way shape or form. I don't like to rage on the game as I only try to play it with high morale to try and keep my teams spirit up. There's not really much else to me... I'm as boring as I sound. Any questions for me? Ask away I'm open to anything!
  4. Yo my guys hows it goin. Been using server for a long time and just been browsing the server option at the top so I'm late to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Catton in server in channel Lendrick Kamar as we think we are funny memers . Plenty of memes and painfully cringey jokes popping off all day long. ps. Visit "Emperor Palpamemes" on Facebook so some your daily amount of quality star wars memes. <3
  5. Hello all, my name is UFearBro, (Matthew) i'm 17, currently doing my A levels and I like to play games and talk to my friends. Games I currently play are Europa Universalis 4, Heroes and Generals, Civilisation 5 and OSRS. I used to play a lot Counter Strike, but I no longer play it because it's too different to when I started playing it. I now spend my time playing games and doing revision for my A levels.
  6. YoureDusty


    Hi, my name is Duncan and i'm from the U.S. I'm 19 years old and I am an avid computer enthusiast! My passions include building and testing computers, as well as testing them out and play many games. I am currently still very hooked on csgo (LEM) even though it seems to be a dying community. I am also very hooked on PUBG right now. I think its a very good game so far and once optimization hits a lot more people will flock to it I believe. If you have any questions about a computer build or would like me to pick out parts for your certain price range feel free to message me! Cheers!
  7. Hello Everyone! My IGN is Merkster or Whild, But Obviously My Real Name Is Mark I Am A 15 Year Old Male From Northern Ireland/UK Right Now Im Am Doing My GCSE's In School ;( My Hobbies Are Playing Video Games (Obviously ) Cycling Swimming And Overall Just Playing With Mates Some Games I Play Garrys Mod (Over 2000+ Hours) League Of Legends CSGO (Not Often) Rust Team Fortress 2 I Am Over All Just A Nice Person So If You Ever See Me Just Say Hi! (Unless your annoying ) My Name Is Merkster On Teamspeak Just Like Everything! My TS UID Is 9NwG0zfr/VEPuQywc9vEKERKaJg= (For Admins and Shiz For The Forum Registered Rank Or Something) So Thats Me! I Hope We Get Along!
  8. Hello chaps, Today I've been searching the internet, until I found a tutorial on how to make a team. That guy linked me to a sub-reddit post, where I saw your TS3 channel, so I was like, "what can go bad?". When I joined your TS3 server, I was like "WOW". My reaction was that because I had some TS3 servers myself, but what you have done, it's nuts! GGWP. Anyways, back to the introduction. My name is Oancea Cosmin Andrei, I am 13 and I come from Romania. It's a nice country, but most people say that it is full of gypsies. Well, yes, there are gypsies, but those aren't romanians in most of the cases, they either are hungarians or Roma. Anyways, most of the time I like to play CS:GO and ETS2 (you should add that to TS), but I have to do school and meditations and gaaahhhhhhhhhhh... Anyways. Why do I play CS:GO? It's a fun game, and it really improves some parts of you, like your wrist, your brain, etc. I'm not a sportive guy, but I know how to swim pretty well. I'm the kind of guy that if you respect, I also respect (like in CS:GO, when somebody calls me a noob every round, I get triggered and start to call him a noob also, but when he says "Nice try" 3/4 round of the game, and only 1/4 rounds of the game call me noob, that's absolutely fine). Anyways, that concludes my introduction. Bye mates.
  9. Hi im edison im an epic igl, used this server a lot thought id get busy in the forums. I like: CSGO LOL BEAK!!! GTAV MAGNETS Some hobbies include, milk steak and catching little green ghouls I hope u dont have to do the dishes
  10. DonJoe


    Hi, my name is Joe and I have already been on the server for like a year but I only now have started on the forums. I like CS:GO, GTA, BEAK and Magnets. Some hobbies include milksteak and catching little green ghouls (and leprechauns). I hope you all accept me into the server even though I've already been on it for like 400 days. FINE ILL DO THE DISHES YOU'RE JUST GONNA MAKE ME DO THEM ANYWAY - Joku
  11. Hiya, I'm Robert AKA Sphirical. I am 22 years of age and I live in the Netherlands. I tend to play games like Warframe and Battlefield 1 with a few friends of mine. I've only been around for a little while now but I am enjoying the freedom that you have in your own little channel.
  12. Szoko

    My intro :D

    Hey, my name is Piotr and Im from Poland. My hobbies are sports (Volleyball, Handball) and video games (CSGO, Unturned, GTA, ETS, Garrys Mod and other) I like movies and every type of music. I can't speak English very well. I am gentlemanly. I'm 14. My computer is not the best but the basic game can run. I sit on the enigma (ts3) at least 4-6 months. Im a beginner graphic designer.
  13. This is xXRavenceXx, who is British and lives in the United Arab Emirates.
  14. Viormash


    Heya! I'm Viormash, 18 y/o from Poland. Mostly a casual gamer playing mainly World of Warcraft, Overwatch, CS:GO and some Just Cause games. I'm using the Enigma TeamSpeak with a group of friends to play suck as a premade in CS matchmaking, playing other games and just hanging out in our free time when we can't meet irl. I won't share my steam profile with you and my battletag will remain unknown (this time for real) unless you want to play with me, so hit me up if you want to Other than that I guess I can say that I watch anime, but I'm trying not to be a weaboo or anything, so no need to hide your children :v Thanks for reading, hit me up if you feel like playing together and have a nice day!
  15. TaZeR


    Hello this is my introduction, I am called TaZeR because my real name is Taylor , My favourite music is Grime/Rap My favourite youtuber is probably MarzBarVlogs I am currently 15 going into year 11 on Monday the 5th of September , I picked the following gcse's music , media , ict , drama(kill me) My favourite game at the moment is csgo I love that game more then my music i currently have 2500hrs and am mg2 dont ask me how Peace TaZeR
  16. Hello this is my introduction, I go by Sir Barry online but my name is Callum, Music wise i listen to almost every thing but there's a focus on Metal (Not the screaming stuff god no.) i like video games of course, I'm Cynical, I'm Kind, In real life I'm in college at the moment I'm studying Engineering. I'm a dark humor kind of person. Right now I'm gearing up and getting a group of people together ready for the game Dual universe that comes out sometime in 2018 (Beta is in 1 year.) Never heard of Dual Universe? Think of No man's sky but not a disappointment and is actually multiplayer. It's an MMO that will be using something called Single Shard server technology which means that There will be tens of thousands of players on one server, ship wise you won't be limited to just Fighters you can build Cruisers, battleships and carriers etc. It's a voxel building game. If you want to contact me about joining the Dual Universe Fandom just look me up on teamspeak, I'm usually with RallBot or Spicer or Both. Oh yeah i almost forgot, RoboGent brought me here.
  17. Hello, i'm Uplink, My real name is Luke but you can call me what ever you want. i'm from the UK, aged 16, currently studying Games Design lvl 3 at collage. My passions are Computer Science and gaming, i'm trying to start a YouTube channel so if you come support me on YouTube, Channel name - Uplinkk
  18. cvega

    Hello world

    Hey all my name is Fredrik im a 35 years old IT-Consultant\gamer from the Kingdom of Noway Just started playing the lovely H1Z1 KOTK and got 100 hours played See you ingame ! -cvega -http://steamcommunity.com/id/fschei/
  19. Hello, my name is Peter im 18 years old from Bulgaria i <3 playing cs go even tho im getting 18-20fps still trying to play sum competitive also pissing off some russians thats fun Kappa ^^ also playing a lot of cs source when i have some free time.
  20. Hello, I am EgnaroeGod or Orange lad I am 15 and I enjoy browsing dank memes and chatting on ts with my mates. I am from England (GMT +0) my favorite video games are Skyrim, Cs:GO and overwatch. Feel free to add me on steam my name is nam Egnaro knad
  21. Hey. my name is Ashkan Fehresti. I currently live in Iran . i love enigma gaming
  22. Hello guys ^^ My name is Mia, i am 20 yrs old and i am from Slovakia. I am happy i joined Enigma-Gaming and i hope i can meet all sorts of ppl. I love to play various types of games, but my fav is still Alien: Isolation ( mostly cuz i like aliens, i guess i sometimes feel like the one ). Online games which i pref are GTA5 and LoL. LoL community is kinda toxic tho what is making me a little bit dissapointed and demotivated sometimes, but i still like the idea of MOBA games. If u want to add me then do so, i will be happy cuz i dont know many people on west ( i originally come from EUNE). Some of you might noticed my nickname Yokai and i can tell i am a big fan of anime. When it comes to real life i study psychology, actually i will end hopefully with bachelor degree in 4 days . My IGN nickname on EUW is Mia Yokai and on EUNE Misaka If u have any questions u can ask me anytime i will respond as soon as i can :>
  23. Hello! My name is Tim im 14years old and like to play much games like: CSGO , Rust , ARK , Bo3 if you wanna play some games just add me on steam : Gerard The Derpasaurus , I use Enigma teamspeak to play with friends , Thankyou that i can play without lagg on ts or something , Have a Good Day,Night
  24. Hiii there I'm Tyler otherwise known as f33l1n. I am a streamer (www.twitch.tv/f33l1n/) I pretty much only stream CS, either playing myself or casting for teams. If you have anymore questions don't be shy to contact me http://steamcommunity.com/id/f33l1n/
  25. Hello everyone, My name is Snaikio and i live in finland. I play games such as... -CS:GO, Garrys mod, Battlefield 3, Kerbal space program, Simplerockets and Star trek online. I like being on Enigma Teamspeak server to speak with friends of me and also i like red! Yeah thats my favorite colour! Here is my steam ID if you want to visit! Click here I think thats all. Peace to everyone!!!
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