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Found 12 results

  1. Josh 21 Uk Meme and the Sesh expert
  2. YoureDusty


    Hi, my name is Duncan and i'm from the U.S. I'm 19 years old and I am an avid computer enthusiast! My passions include building and testing computers, as well as testing them out and play many games. I am currently still very hooked on csgo (LEM) even though it seems to be a dying community. I am also very hooked on PUBG right now. I think its a very good game so far and once optimization hits a lot more people will flock to it I believe. If you have any questions about a computer build or would like me to pick out parts for your certain price range feel free to message me! Cheers!
  3. im l'wex and i play league of legends , really like ur server
  4. QuantumSpike


    Hey guys, been using Enigma a long time so I guess it's just to introduce myself! My names Elliot, i'm 19 years old, august baby Into that PC (master race) gaming ting ya'know, who isn't round here. I mostly play CS, H1Z1:KOTK and Hearthstone atm, used to play WoW pretty hardcore. Was for a short period of time highest rated boomie in RBG, also was 3rd best EU Flag carrier for a fair amount of time. My CS rank is LEM if anyone wants to play sometime just hit me up. Don't have h1z1 rank because play it with friends so duos/fives only. But i'm not terrible but not great. From England and only speak English fyi. P.S. Pro gambler
  5. Friendly neighborhood Software Developer, fairly standard - Main languages include Python, JavaScript, PHP, GoLang, HTML (Thats not a language... I know.), and some spare time working with XSL. I 'used' to be a semi-professional Dota2 player playing for a small UK based team known as TeamViral, spent thousands of hours on that game, spanning multiple accounts and tournaments. Currently I've began playing a lot more Counter Strike with a few friends as Dota has had a dreaded 7.00 patch and has basically keeled over on itself and turned into a disaster. Not much else to say really... I live on a tiny Island just below Southampton...? Currently rocking this PC set up and specs: GPU: Gefore GTX 1080 CPU: Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-6660k Memory: 16.00GB DDR4 RAM Operating System:Windows 10 64Bit Monitor 1: Asus 24inch 144hz Monitor 2: Asus 24inch 144hz Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma (ew I know) Mouse: Razer Deathadder Gaming headset: Astro A40s Mouse mat: Razer Vespula Control Mat Storage: 3 480GB SSDs
  6. The title may be triggering to some but im just a normal guy playing csgo and league for 5 hours a day. My aspirations in lyfe are represented by my s4 rank in league and Mg rank in csgo. Irk is a much better server tbh as I don't have to compete with my 200kb/s copper cable (cri no fibre) so I try to play with a nice 900 ping 24/7. Want to learn how to play while lagging? Hit me up. Want to speak to me without waiting for ages to gain a reply? Buy me fibre optic cables so I don't have to put myself through so much pain I've been on the TeamSpeak for a while now and I regularly chat with my friends and other groups. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767022294 Kind Regards Mr Luke / Spookylukee
  7. Lea

    Ma Intro ^-^

    Hay there ! My name is Lea, i am 17 years old and i live in germany. My interests are quite different, i love gaming almost every game. From CoD to CS:GO over Lol or Minecraft Also i like to do real life activities, like going out with friends or playing handball c: Thats about me, i wish u all a nice day ! <3
  8. Szoko

    My intro :D

    Hey, my name is Piotr and Im from Poland. My hobbies are sports (Volleyball, Handball) and video games (CSGO, Unturned, GTA, ETS, Garrys Mod and other) I like movies and every type of music. I can't speak English very well. I am gentlemanly. I'm 14. My computer is not the best but the basic game can run. I sit on the enigma (ts3) at least 4-6 months. Im a beginner graphic designer.
  9. Hello! You guys and gals can call me Seby. I'm just a 16 year old guy from Illinois in da U S of A. I like to play pc and xbox games with friends and enjoy making new friends too! So far I've had a great experience with the Enigma TS staff and users. I've been around on the TS for some time and I'd finally like to get to know the community a bit more! My steam and xbox gt are below if you ever want to play. Steam: Seby (or) ChinchyClock223 Xbox: ChinchyClock I look forward to meeting everyone!
  10. Hiii there I'm Tyler otherwise known as f33l1n. I am a streamer (www.twitch.tv/f33l1n/) I pretty much only stream CS, either playing myself or casting for teams. If you have anymore questions don't be shy to contact me http://steamcommunity.com/id/f33l1n/
  11. Qalan


    Introduction to Enigma Gaming Teamspeak
  12. Hello, my name is Ghaleb, 19YO from Israel, Jerusalem. My steam is Kratos5212, im a gamer that plays anything (literally) and when im not gaming, im a dj in small clubs around my city and go by the name DJ Dynamise.
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