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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, just curious if anyone could help me out. I frequently use Engima Gaming when I talk to my friends over games, and it's been great all the time, up until now. I connected this morning and was idling before my friends were on, so I started to troubleshoot an issue I've had with my computer for a while now. My HDD always seems to be running at 100%, despite a light or no workload. I tried to troubleshoot this by turning off Message Signaled Interrupt Mode (MSI Mode) off (more about MSI mode here). I turned it off and re-booted my PC, only to find that I can no longer connect to Enigma Gaming. However, I can connect to the Teamspeak Public server. I decided to roll-back the changes, turn MSI mode back on, and re-boot again. The only bad thing is that I still can't connect! It resolves the hostname and tries to connect for a bit, then it says Failed to connect to server. I've also tried Direct Connecting (I connect by bookmark most times), to no avail. Is this because of my doing, or is it a simple fix? Thanks for all of your replies. EDIT: I've just seen the announcement on the Steam Group about the server migration, and can connect fine. Thanks!
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