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  1. Would love a custom icon... bring it on.....
  2. This is great news, fab new features... plus I really need the points, because gambling isnt working out for me. Comment below to enter
  3. No, only noticed today but think it hasn't displayed that chat tab for a number of months.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure what I've disable but when I connect to teamspeak, it would display a chat tab with my connection stats. This is no longer displaying when I connect, how do I go about getting this tab back. Thanks Peter
  5. peterguk

    Hi.... :)

    Hi, Do I need to do anything else to get the teamspeak icon for forum registered... Cheers Peter
  6. peterguk

    Hi.... :)

    Hi All, I've been part of this teamspeak server for over 1 year so best to get my forum badge, so a little bit about the games I play from coop games like Dying light great game, to openworld survival games... Dayz in the very very early days and you can't beat a little GrimDawn and GTA on the side. Thanks for the great teamspeak server.
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