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    Hello! My name is Luke and I enjoy playing video games and talking to my friends on TeamSpeak, my favourite games include CSGO, league of legends and dark souls 3. I have been on this TeamSpeak for a while now but only just discovered this forum and I hope to be seeing you around, thanks!
  2. The title may be triggering to some but im just a normal guy playing csgo and league for 5 hours a day. My aspirations in lyfe are represented by my s4 rank in league and Mg rank in csgo. Irk is a much better server tbh as I don't have to compete with my 200kb/s copper cable (cri no fibre) so I try to play with a nice 900 ping 24/7. Want to learn how to play while lagging? Hit me up. Want to speak to me without waiting for ages to gain a reply? Buy me fibre optic cables so I don't have to put myself through so much pain I've been on the TeamSpeak for a while now and I regularly chat with my friends and other groups. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767022294 Kind Regards Mr Luke / Spookylukee
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