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  1. This idea seems very very gay, 5/7 should stop immediately
  2. A special montage just for me
  3. How do you get a streamer channel. Like do you have to stream a certain amount of time or advertise this server, how do you get access to one of them channels?
  4. My name is will I like to play video games, such as ats, ets2, tf2 and CS:GO. I play video games because I like messing around with friends I enjoy trading on games but i'm not that good at it. I game on a laptop though so I struggle to run games at a high amount of fps.
  5. Well ok then. My name on most things is Willisnotmyname and I play simulator games and fps. I've streamed a couple times on twitch but im not consistent.
  6. "Yeah, you don't get just for making a topic. You actually have to make a bit of an effort. " Is this reply enough effort for the cool little symbol
  7. Hey guys I'm just doing this so I can get as many little symbols next to my name as possible.
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