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  1. Icy

    Forum Game | Story Time

    Cannot Continue, Summer Asked me to no longer make these kind of topics. Boop, Beep. This thread is fine tho. -Melih
  2. Forum Game | Story Time We're gonna play a little game, basically you write down three words and everyone makes a story out of it by writing another three words. For Example: Player A: Once there was... Player B: a boy named... Player C: Peter. He was... And so on and so forth. The aim of the game is just to make it funny really and of course keep in with the rules... I'll start... Adam was Walking...
  3. Icy

    Found New Hardware Joke

    Everytime You Plug in Something New in a XP Machine, This "Found New Hardware" Pop-Up Appears :P, So i did a joke out of it. >_>
  4. Found New Hardware: Toaster Found New Hardware: Patrick's Server Found New Hardware: NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT Found New Hardware: Lonovo Mouse Found New Hardware: Sinusbot.exe Found New Hardware: No_Joke_Was_Here Found New Hardware: Build_9841.dll Found New Hardware: Nothing_To_See_Here.plugin Found New Hardware: Troll Face Found New Hardware: Why Are You Reading This? Found New Hardware: EMPTY
  5. Icy

    PC Setups

    My PC Specs. (2008/2009) OS: Windows 7 Build 7601 Service Pack: 1 Creator: Microsoft Systemcreator: FUJITSU SIEMENS Systemmodel: ESPRIMO P7935 SystemType: 64-bit Prozessor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 DUO E8400 CPU E8400 @3.00GHz, 2999 MHz BIOS-Version: FUJITSU SIEMENS // Phoenix Technologies Ltd. 6.00 R1.08.2812.A1, 06.11.2008 SMBIOS-Version: 2.5 Not My Latest OS I Have, But It's The only PC i Got. Also, My Keyboard is a Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 1.0a And my Mouse is a Lonovo.
  6. I Tried it on myself, Did not Work, Tried it on my Bot, Didn't Work. Oh Ok.
  7. Ok, Atleast i Can Chat in my own channel. But What About the Description Power And Priority Speaker?
  8. I tried Hard to Make this Entire Topic. >_> *Like*
  9. Icy

    My Favorite Music.

    Simple Rules: You Can Only Post One Of Your Favorite Musics to this Topic And You Can NOT Post Multiple Musics into one Comment. --- My Music is: K-391 - Earth
  10. Can You Add a Domain to the IP, so It's not hard to guess it?
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