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  1. It's not really rigging the system is it? It's not like i'm forcing an outcome, i'd purely just be analytical and statistically backing my betting. That's the aim of the points system anyway, getting as many points as possible.
  2. There you go bud, cheers.
  3. QuantumSpike


    Hey guys, been using Enigma a long time so I guess it's just to introduce myself! My names Elliot, i'm 19 years old, august baby Into that PC (master race) gaming ting ya'know, who isn't round here. I mostly play CS, H1Z1:KOTK and Hearthstone atm, used to play WoW pretty hardcore. Was for a short period of time highest rated boomie in RBG, also was 3rd best EU Flag carrier for a fair amount of time. My CS rank is LEM if anyone wants to play sometime just hit me up. Don't have h1z1 rank because play it with friends so duos/fives only. But i'm not terrible but not great. From England and only speak English fyi. P.S. Pro gambler
  4. However it isn't random and is based on an algorithm (from my understanding), therefore trends occur.
  5. Would we be able to get any long term data towards the stock systems, similar to the graphs but a longer time period. I would to do some analysing and such to see if I can actually confidently predict them.
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