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  1. Ok, so I had some pretty good bank, and then when I pressed submit, my computer took ages to press it and the page took ages to load before saying, "You don't have enough points your current points: 1" or something like that. I'm really annoyed right now as I had over a billion points.
  2. DonJoe

    Favorite TV shows

    I thought the final episode was good, and the ending was pretty good, many plot twists; I'm interested to see how season 2 plays out
  3. DonJoe

    Favorite TV shows

    These ^, Family Guy, Westworld, Dragonball/Z/Super, True Detective Season 1, Narcos, Better Call Saul and others I can't remember
  4. DonJoe

    Favorite Foods

    One of my favourite food is some phat dim sum or milk spiked with bath salts
  5. DonJoe


    Welcome to the forums lad hope to see you around
  6. Ok, so in the deathbattles, they always make Superman beat Goku. I have discussed this with friends and we have to infinitely disagree with that. Superman's powers only work when in the warmth of a yellow sun, whereas Goku is strong regardless of his surroundings. In Goku's SSGSS form, he would be able to put up a very decent fight with Superman when in the warmth of a yellow sun i.e. Earth. I mean for Christ's sake, he is a super saiyan god gone super saiyan. As Edi, or butter as you know him, pointed out, during Goku's battle with Beerus at his full power, King Kai noticed the power between the two when they clashed and he said that three more of those and the universe would be destroyed, and so Goku didn't fight at full power. So, when the two are put up against each other on Earth, you could probably argue for either side, but what Goku can do, to win easily, is to transport Superman to King Kai's planet using instant transmission. Effectively, this means Goku only has to touch Superman to win (which wouldn't be difficult as Goku can travel at the speed of light), as there is no yellow sun in other world, where King Kai's planet is. This means that within a few hours, Superman would have a power level of about 10, because he would have no powers. Seriously, even Yamcha could beat him on King Kai's planet. Thoughts?
  7. Having been informed that my previous introduction was a bit of a shambles and not sufficient enough to get that incredibly beautiful forum registered icon next to my name, I have decided to tell you all a bit more about myself. I am a ghoul hunter but I hope to move onto being a carpenter for pieces of cloth that cover people's knees. I own a bar and receive many legal attacks. I aspire to eat food from all across the galaxy (North Galaxy) and enjoy it's many cuisines. I aspire to be the strongest in the 7th Universe. But on a real level, I use this server on pretty much a daily basis to speak to my friends and play games like CS:GO with them. CharDee MacDennis is another favourite of ours. It's a pretty good server to be able to hold hundreds of people per day and the connection is really reliable. The mods are super helpful too, respect My friends and I are thinking of doing a podcast every now and again, and will probably use your server to host the voices (don't worry we will advertise your server ) Cheers Lads, have a good day/week/month/year/decade/century/millenium/we will all be dead by then MR J IS A GOD
  8. DonJoe


    Hi, my name is Joe and I have already been on the server for like a year but I only now have started on the forums. I like CS:GO, GTA, BEAK and Magnets. Some hobbies include milksteak and catching little green ghouls (and leprechauns). I hope you all accept me into the server even though I've already been on it for like 400 days. FINE ILL DO THE DISHES YOU'RE JUST GONNA MAKE ME DO THEM ANYWAY - Joku
  9. DonJoe

    Days Reset?

    So I remember seeing somewhere that you said that if your teamspeak ID has changed then there is nothing you can do to help with restoring my previous ranks, but I just wanted to know would there be any way to set my rank because all my mates are now Member and I'm only Junior Member, it's not a big deal but it would be nice to know if there is any way to set me to the rank of my friends?
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