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  1. Thank you Thanks fellow English man thanks! haha, maybe sometime! Thanks Razz
  2. The real answer is, YES!! YES!! YES PLEASE
  3. Life story?! Okay okay... Sooo, born June 10th weight 7.4 pounds at 8:14 pm in England; Norfolk. (ngl, nothings really happened my whole life so much story buttt) had long hair throughout high school #majorregrets, now short n' curly. To be honest that's probs the most interesting thing that's happened my whole life. Currently in my second year of college doing animal management and also working as a zoo keeper at thrigby hall. This has to be up to par nowww!?!?!? xDDD
  4. what do you meannnnnnn?!?!?? it was cool! ive added a picture of baby Sully, what more can i do?!
  5. Does this mean i get my little R??? :))))))))
  6. That's gotta be up to standard!
  7. I wanted the R to look cool, ngl... thanks Patrick please be kind Name: Lewis From: UK Age: 17 About: Use to be good at CS then something happened now i'm nova... Seems as I'm now awful at CS, now play H1Z1 999% of the time (also awful at that). Oh, also taken... before the babe picks up on that l P.s. fave pic 2k17 v
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