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  1. Holy crap, Hi jay! You instantly fell into my good books when you mentioned that you admin at insomnia!! Damn! I'm planning to go this September, may see u there! But anyways, welcome to Enigma! Come to think of it, if a few of us go, we probably could do an enigma server meetup! @Dan @Patrick
  2. lukshan13

    PC Setups

    Haha Thanks, dude, it only took me like a year to plan out the whole thing! (it's basically my Design and Technology coursework for GCSE) @Rallbot Yep, planning a full custom loop for everything! and yep, the sides are for the radiators. 2 360mm radiators, I think that should do the trick to keeping my PC cool! @Patrick
  3. lukshan13

    PC Setups

    Sorry yo bump the thread, but just wanted to throw a few updates on my build, I'm currently in the final stages of building my own custom PC case, and I've added a secondary monitor to my PC. I'll get some good photos once I'm done, but in the meantime, here's some preliminary photos as well as a couple of SketchUp models
  4. whoa.. so when will this start? and will there be an option for people who don't want to take part to just not be attacked and not be part of this battle system?
  5. lukshan13


    Hey Michael! welcome to Enigma Gaming, great to have you!
  6. papa pat is a cruel but just man Nice to have you, Merkster! Hit me up to play cs anytime!
  7. lukshan13


    Hey Tim, welcome to the forums! Pleasure to have you!
  8. lukshan13


    Hey luke! Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here!! Enjoy your stay at enigma! (p.s. you may want to add a little more detail to your introduction if you want to secure your forum registered rank, just a tip )
  9. lukshan13


    Hey Mat! Welcome to the forums!! Glad to have you at enigma. You might need to add a little more detail to your introduction if you want the forum registered mark, talk a little more about you, what makes you! We want to know about everyone who joins! But anyways, Enjoy your stay at enigma!!
  10. lukshan13


    Hey Elliot! Welcome to the forums! I play CS too! Tho i'm a nova 2 Feel free to boost me anytime tho Anywyas, welcome to the forums!
  11. Hey Jonah, welcome to the forums. You kinda need more stuff in your intro tho, if you want the R.
  12. Haha, welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay at Engima. I'm a fellow "stuck in nova" so hit me up to play !!
  13. Welcome to the forums, Cosmin! I have no idea how you did that formating, but, my oh my, it looks amazing!! Anyways, Have fun at enigma!!
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