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  1. You use ':3' so yep you definitely are special. In the same way that Harvey Price is special :3
  2. Welcome, pm me your RSN and I'll clean you for your bank
  3. If you can't say 1 sentence about yourself without mentioning how rich you are, you have a problem. Welcome none the less
  4. Orange is the new black + it's always sunny are great shows. 5/7 perfect score from me
  5. I know what quotes are, I'm not stupid. I am still laughing at what you said, regardless of whether you put quotation marks or not. Don't waste your time patronising me, save that for the middle school bullies you little gremlin
  6. You're 13 how are you high as shit LOL
  7. Solo Queue on CSGO But welcome dude
  8. Hi mate, welcome to the Forums! Here are the TeamSpeak server features: Click. Here are the TeamSpeak rules in case you need them: Click. And here our latest giveaways. Make sure to join them for free stuff! If you want to apply as a Staff Member for TeamSpeak, click here. Good Luck Finding Your Way Through The Forums, Exploring The Deepest Enigmas Out There!
  9. Welcome to Enigma Gaming Justin!
  10. Welcome to Enigma Gaming!
  11. EnglishBen


    Welcome to Enigma Gaming!
  12. EnglishBen

    Who I Am?

    Welcome to Enigma Gaming!
  13. Welcome to Enigma Gaming!
  14. EnglishBen


    Welcome to Enigma Gaming!
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