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  1. Worked my way to 10M+ so far, would be a saviour to the efforts to get to the rest lmao
  2. Hey mark! Welcome aboard! I've always adored borderlands, it's honestly such a great franchise. What do you think Borderlands 3 might be like, any better than the Pre-sequel??!
  3. I'd talked to others from other schools, yeah we got it bad; we've done no Java (which would've been nice to do), done no IDE type stuff and our teacher gives no f***s about anyone Though i've watched enough Linus Tech Tips to get a decent grade actually! (yeah a legit know most of what i do from him )
  4. Rallbot

    Arma 3

    ooohhh that's a ton of time you got on it! I've played for years when arma 2 was a thing, since i was about 8. Only in the last month or two after about a year have gotten back into the jist of arma 3, on Roleplay UK atm plus also doing some downloaded missions. There are some awesome mods out there to try out! Let me know if you ever play on RPUK as i have a couple of mates now getting into it hopefully
  5. Rallbot

    CPU help

    Firstly, check it's socket e.g. LGA 1150 Then get one that's preferably at least an i-5 quad core 4th gen at 3gHz i'd say are minimum requirements really for an intel CPU at least. See what other's say too, any extra info you get and/or decisions you're making, let me know if you want any extra advice Note: It basically needs to be compatible to work with your motherboard, both so it physically fits into the slot but also is a generation of CPU that is compatible with the mother board
  6. Recognise any of em? i just thought I'd post Cus I have a nice set from different places, all of which are countries I've been to or maybe just travelled through directly :3
  7. Rallbot


    Hey @Kualdir, good to have you along! Some more info about you though??
  8. PUBG, of course I'm playing a ton of it, after really never playing any form of battle royale (apart from a bit of the arma 3 mod) it's turned out to be an extremely enjoyable game!
  9. Yeah I do, with my entire set of exams! if if I do though I'll ask, cheers man
  10. tbh it isn't, just more stressful when you're not one of those who are brainboxes at it
  11. Ahh yes, i've seen your name around on the server Some more stuff about you though would be interesting, such as what games do you play or hobbies you have?! 0.o
  12. Hey Jay! Welcome to the forums! I've taken A level maths at college, surprisingly as i planned to drop it asap
  13. Rallbot


    Hey Charel, Welcome to Enigma Gaming! A bit more info though would be lovely!
  14. Tried doing it through some other device instead? Might work
  15. Oh really?! I didnt know that, i mean if anything id expect more cheating Sounds quite good
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