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  1. Welcome Joseph! Always wonderful to see someone who has a love for music! I hope you've enjoyed the Enigma Gaming community thus far and continue to enjoy it!
  2. DavHugh


    "One time, at band camp..." Aside from that, I've been to: Turkey - Istanbul (I think, was about 6'ish) Spain - Calella
  3. Welcome to Enigma Gaming Faab! I hope you enjoy it here like the rest of us!
  4. Ouch, think I might need some sudacrem now
  5. Well if it runs smoother than an Arma multiplayer server then I'm in. I'll add it to my list!
  6. I've been thinking about getting this game when I get paid at the end of the month. What's the performance like on it?
  7. DavHugh


    Hello Duncan! Have a great time here!
  8. Just scrolling through the forums and saw this. What is a Privilege key? And what kind of thing would it be used for? @Patrick
  9. Nah, it's bad enough for Jerry Springer. Maybe Jeremy Kyle? haha
  10. We should get Jerry Springer or someone in here, start a reality show also. EDIT: But this is also a really good idea!
  11. Looking even better with the option now, and on a side note, the format for the mobile website is looking great! (Using it right now)
  12. As @dmastakouris said; I believe this would suit the double or nothing bet a lot better, but I understand that's it's just a beta test atm. Overall, it's a good idea and reminds me of my days of playing in the casino on TDU2 in between races!
  13. DavHugh

    Enigma Wallpapers

    These look great! I personally would enjoy a clean black background style, do you by any chance have the Logo etc. so I could try doing one?
  14. Maybe we should go to Spain or somewhere tropical? But I completely agree with @1000Phoenix's idea, gaming servers would help increase the server visibility to newcomers also! Maybe one day when the server becomes popular enough you could eventually bring in merch also? Like shirts and stuff.
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