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  1. so basically this is off stopic but maybe you should add some funny/racist,Nazism shit to the server to spice it up, so maybe a holocaust survivor group? eh some dick server group for cunts you know, i am not gonna name more since i cant be arsed and dont want to turn out as a cunt myself so yh GG
  2. so i was thinking about enigma-gaming and clan seciton so i was wondering if it is possible to get a clan section as i am going to start a team and to start streaming, it would boost up the popularity of the community but you would have to be a certain rank to obtain it and maybe a set of requirements for certain games
  3. Zinx001

    Forum Ranks

    500 posts is a it hard since the forums isnt as active rerally with posts and threads...
  4. @SH00X is it possible to get a bf1 server???, on the other hand the community should aim to make a proffesionakl e-sports on csgo, dota, overwatch or league of legends for some reaosn this would be a really good idea...
  5. Zinx001


    welcome @Hopeless more information would help out and you only play rust?
  6. welcome @Milf Hunter Unit tell me your rank
  7. Zinx001

    PC games

    also another game to try is fallout 4 if not done so already, a good game
  8. Zinx001

    PC games

    Here are a couple of games i play on PC Osu! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Garry's Mod War Thunder Prison Architect Euro Truck Simulator 2
  9. hello i am Lewis and i am pretty new to the community but have been registered for quite some time now, i am known for helping people and and becoming staff on literally every server, but i have cut down on doing that stuff as it is pretty bad but anyway i am a gamer who plays RPG and MMO games like CSGO Garry's Mod Osu! and Runescape, i sometimes play League of Legends so there's the reason i am bronze, which goes the same for War Thunder, i am friendly, a competitive player and generally a helpful person but there have been times were i have been rejected after being accepted for years which then the community has fallen because of the decision the person has made but anyway, there is my introduction and i hope i have a great time within enigma-gaming
  10. runescape would be a good icon to add
  11. what i meant to say is that this could maybe become something in the future if you get game servers imo
  12. i see what you mean but by changing a couple of permissions and changing the channels that no one is welcome to to be max family users changed to limited 0 also this is possible for certain areas if you know what you are doing with teamspeak, the troll bit you cant really do about since it happens all the time but if this does happen i recommend getting that teir to not be cheap if you get what i mean
  13. would be a good idea, so we are not just sitting around the teamspeak jacking off xD, any gmods like darkprp and starwarsrp is popular atm but for darkrp you will end up needing to be at least 1 - 2 members of staff online and with starwarsrp is basically serious roleplay and admins will have to take there job seriously
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