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    I have just made a post explaining all of the ranks.
  12. Hey! This guide will explain all of the ranks available on the server. Channel ranks are explained in this post. Misc. Ranks Regular - Friends of Patrick/Other High-level staff may receive this rank. Radio - The Hive365 music bot in the music channel has this rank. Donator - Donate £3 or more to get this rank. Top Donator - The person who has donated the most to the server gets this rank. Veteran - This is a rank carried over from previous versions of the server. It can no longer be attained. Forum Registered - You must make an introductory post here on the forums to get this rank. Streamer - Verified streamers get this rank. If you have a twitch stream and want to apply for this rank, contact Patrick. CSGO Tournament #1 Winners /Runners Up /3rd Place - Given to users who competed in the first CSGO tournament and came First, Second and Third place respectively. CSGO & LOL Ranks These ranks all correspond to a rank in-game. You can set one of these ranks to show off your in-game status. Time-Based Ranks Verified User - Once it has been 60 days since your first connection and you have connected to the server 30 times, you can go here to verify your client. The other time-based ranks such as Commoner and Member are explained here. Staff Ranks (Highest to Lowest) Founder - Only Patrick, Enigma-Gaming's founder, has this rank. Manager Senior Admin Admin High Mod Mod - You will receive this rank if you apply for Mod and are accepted.
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