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  1. Ratchet


    Come and see TWIG if you ever want to play - welcome to our teamspeak though and any problems see me around the server
  2. Hope you find refuge in our TeamSpeak :3
  3. This update will be really fun! Like to see how it all plays out!
  4. Hello! Seems to me you like a lot of space orientated games
  5. Probably have to drive around every so often so you don't get a flat battery! Or just find a field and do both? Neat idea though! It really depends on the day, if it's a weekend maybe just go down the pub and watch some football, on a Week day I'll just do those mundane chores I've been putting off and read!
  6. I just read up about this game it reminds me of Spartan Total Warrior back on the PS2 I played endlessly as kid.
  7. What game have you played that you feel didn't get as much love as it should have? I think there's a lot of contenders but for me, a game I really enjoyed was Dante's Inferno back on the Xbox 360.
  8. Hi Rapadash0, sadly I'm on the dark side and play Dota. What sort of analyst do you want to be?
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