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  1. I'd recommend it for sure, it's a good adrenaline filled game. But I'm not one to enjoy it while playing solo, much more enjoyable with Duo or Squad (3-4 players)
  2. It's pretty un-optimised at the moment but runs pretty smooth on very low settings.
  3. Patrick

    PC Setups

    @lukshan13 Looks good, are you going to leave the sides open? Custom water loop?
  4. That's kind of the concept though, real life stocks aren't automatically sold after a specific period.
  5. £5 says you forget to even do this.
  6. Patrick


    Welcome @YoureDusty Can you please fill in your profile field with your TSUID so I can give you Forum Registered.
  7. Patrick

    PC Setups

    @felipe1702 Now did you or your maid tidy your room?
  8. Please post any ideas asap before I get serious work done on it. I've made a slight start already.
  9. Indeed, now the development on the attack & defend system can come.
  10. Yes, we hit the signed 64bit integer limit due to stocks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9223372036854775807 I'll implement a cap so that if you get too close you cannot purchase/sell stocks or gamble. Since reset 2,901 bets have already been placed.
  11. I believe that most people got insane amount of points due to the stocks system, hence the rework.
  12. @wex The number in brackets is the maximum of that stock that you can own.
  13. Hey, So I'm happy with the points system, gambling and gifting features so these will be moving from Beta to full release. The red warning at the top of the page will be removed. Due to this I'm going to be performing a wipe on every user, this will include points, gambles, trades, stocks etc. I know some people are going to be upset, pissed and angry at me for resetting their points. I understand why you're going to be annoyed but this is essential for me to do. The main reason this reset is coming is due to how overly generous the stocks system was, to counter this I've tweaked them heavily by introducing caps on how many stocks can be owned in total and introducing a "capital gains tax" of 15%. This means that if you buy/sell to store points to lower your minimum bet amount, you will have to pay 15% when you sell them. As you can see in this image, it clearly states the maximum amount in brackets. If you have any questions, please post below.
  14. It's what gives you channel owner if you do it manually, i.e.; https://enigma-gaming.co.uk/using-privilege-key/ Privilege key:- NLgdOSdPE6vkD9QiPqhVhFdq9+O9mQW7c2DWi1Fl Please note this has a one-time use! If you have any issues do not hesitate to contact us. *If you connected directly via the link, this has already been applied for you* Your channel info - Channel Name: test Channel Password: test Authorised Email:
  16. Been playing this recently and really enjoying it. Anyone else bought it? http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/ Pretty much a better H1Z1 with more realism.
  17. Not something I'm interested in doing honestly.
  18. Patrick

    Coursework due.

    Why would you want to go to a different country just for college? It makes no sense. University is a different story but at the end of the day College is just a few extra years of school.
  19. This would allow people to obtain a lot of icons which I don't really want. The current amount is the most I can currently see being obtainable.
  20. I haven't even started coding it yet, there's so much to plan in this initial idea. I haven't decided if it will be opt in/opt out yet. Looking for as much feedback as possible.
  21. So why not get your own PayPal account? Also, do you mean Debit Card? As Direct Debit is a billing arrangement.
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