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  1. I highly doubt I'd be able to make the time to go without a good reason this year to be honest.
  2. Ah I see! I've been asked to go a few times by certain orgs/people but haven't been able to go due to work. What video games do you actually play?
  3. I've never heard of it before, is it a web based game or an actual game? Ah right, I had a feeling!
  4. Welcome to Enigma-Gaming! At a what? Lol I presume you volunteer to do this?
  5. Patrick


    If you want forum registered, you'll need to put more effort in.
  6. New topics posted into Community Discussion must be approved by a moderator, posting in other places will not require this. You're set as offline because you're currently appearing offline while logged into the forums.
  7. Okay, if you want to donate you'll have to manually do so for the time being. I'll investigate why this is happening but can't give an ETA on a fix.
  8. Are you able to get to the point where you login with PayPal?
  9. Can you please try clearing your browser cache and try again? Or alternatively try a different web browser.
  10. @MikeMike887 Is this still occurring? Where are you seeing this? (Just after clicking donate?)
  11. Ah cool, would highly recommend Playerunknown's Battlegrounds!
  12. Welcome to Enigma-Gaming! Don't forget to post pics of your setup here:
  13. @Faab 100,000 Points awarded for bug report.
  14. This will be very hard to reproduce, what I would suspect has happened is one of your requests finished first and someone got put on cooldown or a tier changed. Maybe you went to 0 points or something, It's hard to tell and it's very hard to reproduce as it would require simulating exact attacks. The attack logs don't show two simultaneous attacks which means that the protection code kicked in and prevented the attack from going through, I think for some reason it's just not displaying an error but I'm unsure currently which check it's falling over at. I've added a bit of code which should show when an error happened, it should simply read: "Error: We're not sure what went wrong.". Hopefully this should never be seen.
  15. @Faab Thanks for the report, can you please let me know what your friends name was and at what time this happened?
  16. If you're having issues, PM me the email address you want it changed to and I'll do it manually for you.
  17. Welcome to Enigma-Gaming! Do you play any other games?
  18. Sadly this happens on a regular basis, usually they can't even get the navbar to work.
  19. I've done a lot since last year, too much for me to remember any conversations!
  20. Ah, gotta start somewhere though. Feel free to link me in PM some example PHP code you've written so I can see what your PHP is like.
  21. Thanks, are you in college? What do you do on your course?
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