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  1. The server rules are enforced heavily and will result in you being removed from the server if you persistently cause problems. Server Wide Rules - Important - Promoting groups that perform illegal activities such as DDOS attacks will result in permanent BANS. 1) No offensive avatars. These will get you banned. 2) No offensive/obscure names. 3) Don't attempt to abuse any functionality of enigma-gaming (Including TeamSpeak, website, gameservers, etc). 4) Don't abuse text chat/private text chat and annoy other people. 5) If you are banned, do not attempt to circumvent this. 6) Advertising other TeamSpeaks and/or malicious sites will result in an IP block and ban. 7) Do not submit complaints against other users for no reason. 8) Asking anyone for personal information will result in you being removed from the server immediately. Public Channels - 1) Do not go through every public channel looking for people to talk/play with. 2) Do not harass other users in any of the Public Channels. 3) Voice changers are not permitted in Public Channels 4) Music Bots are not permitted in Public Channels. 5) If someone joins your channel and starts harassing/trolling you, do not be abusive towards them simply contact a member of staff or submit a complaint against them and we will deal with this. Private Channels - 1) No offensive channel names. 2) No abusing the Channel Admin kick ability. 3) Do not create unnecessary channels. (i.e. 15 channels for 5-6 users is not acceptable). 4) Do not move someone back and forth from channel to channel constantly. Talking to Staff - 1) Please be respectful to us, we're here to help. 2) We are not here to resolve personal issues, do not contact us for these. 3) Should you have an issue, either contact staff directly or use the contact form on the forum. 4) Harassing/annoying staff will result in you being removed from the server. 5) Abuse towards staff is a zero tolerance policy, if you are abusive you will be immediately removed. Channel Creation - 1) Any form of or attempted exploitation or abuse of this feature will result in bans/IP blocks. 2) Spamming by creating fake/abusive channels will result in bans/IP blocks. 3) Creating channels with abusive/obscure names will be renamed or deleted. Repeated offences will result bans/IP blocks. 4) Do not create multiple main channels, if you need more create a sub-channel. Channel Manager - 1) Any form of or attempted exploitation or abuse of this feature will result in bans/IP blocks. 2) Spam re-naming any channels will result in your access being revoked to the channel manager. 3) Renaming your channel to something obscure/offensive/abusive will result in your access to the channel manager being revoked and your channel renamed to it's previous. Ranking System - 1) Do not attempt to boost your total connections by disconnecting and connecting repeatedly. Points System - 1) Any form of abuse will result in you being banned for participating in the points system or being banned from our services entirely. 2) Using alternate identities to store points to avoid betting minimums will be punished in complete resets and banning of alternative UIDS. 3) If you find a bug and exploit it, you will be reset and possibly face a ban. (If you find a bug, report it immediately.) 4) Any use of multiple UID's for any reason will result in all accounts being reset. 5) Do not give people points just so that they reach the maximum rank, it removes all the fun of playing the points system entirely. If you think you have been unfairly banned please submit a ban appeal. Enigma-Gaming will remove anyone from our services we deem to be inappropriately using our services.(This will include acts such as: Abusive attitude/Trolling/Harassing) Enigma-Gaming does not condone trading or gambling items on any games and will not be held accountable for any possible users potentially scamming each other. Trade & Gamble at your own risk. All imagery created/owned by Enigma-Gaming is owned by Patrick/Enigma-Gaming, the usage of these anywhere else requires written consent from Enigma-Gaming.
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