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  1. You get bonus points per min for being active which equals more than just 10k.
  2. Hi, You'll no longer obtain 10,000 points on initial join. Unfortunately a few people have ruined this, it was a nice started but they attempted to abuse this so it's easier if you just start with 0 and build up from there.
  3. Patrick

    Music Bot?

    You can have a music bot, but only in a private channel. If caught in a public channel it will be permanently banned immediately. There is software out there you can use to achieve this, sinusbot and ts3musicbot are two I'm aware of.
  4. Unfortunately I haven't logged this data so there wouldn't be much point in doing it now really as it doesn't add to much to the actual system.
  5. Patrick


    You cannot, points hold no monetary value.
  6. Patrick


    Yeah, I've now added you to the donator group on TeamSpeak.
  7. Patrick

    Hello lads

    @Jayce Not really sure at the moment, probably behind the monitors. Would need to get another lamp though heh.
  8. If you have a suggestion, let me know.
  9. Patrick

    Hello lads

    Yeah, I'm waiting on the Philip Hue bulbs to go down in price so I can sync them with Flux!
  10. Patrick

    Hello lads

    Are most smart products using lua as their code or are they built in another language? Never really looked into them myself but I like the idea of them.
  11. Patrick

    Hello lads

    Welcome! What languages do you code in for your work?
  12. Patrick

    About ME

    Welcome to Enigma!
  13. Patrick

    About ME

    What games do you play? Do you work? Go to school? Tell us a little more about you!
  14. We're currently having issues with our Host, I'm chasing them up to see what's going on. Will try to keep updated via Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnigmaGamingTS Edit: 18:55 GMT 09/09/2017 We're back up in a temporary mode for now.
  15. Patrick


    You need to put more effort into your intro to get the server group. @EmBy
  16. Hey, What new icons would you like me to add to be purchasable via the points system? Willing to add a few more as they're only the initial few that were added. Open to any suggestion, within reason.
  17. This is probably the laziest attempt at getting forum registered I've ever seen @Joshb95 If you want to obtain the Forum Registered server group, put in a little more effort.
  18. Patrick

    Hi.... :)

    @peterguk If you'd of checked the chatbox it does say to drop me a PM if you've not been given it, but I've just added you to it anyhow.
  19. Hey, Today I've finished migrating the way CSGO/League ranks are managed, they're now managed by the settings page in the Points System. You can access this here: https://enigma-gaming.co.uk/points and then clicking settings at the top. The points system will start to become more of a client area in the future as more things are added/developed. Please report any bugs you find.
  20. @Aggressive Sloth Just sent you a PM, we'll get to the bottom of why this is happening.
  21. The server port is 9987 but it likely wont change anything. The packetloss could be on virginmedia's network to the server or on the anti-ddos. If you still have the issue tomorrow drop a reply here and we'll do some more troubleshooting to find where the issue is. We may be able to get virgin media to fix it as i have in the past had them fix a uk wide issue.
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