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  1. @peterguk Donators aren't sent this message on connection, this is why you haven't seen it in some time.
  2. Patrick

    TOP donator

    There is only one Top Donator and that is @felipe1702 To take that spot from him you'd have to donate around £300 in total. As he's been with us quite some time his total donations have racked up quite a bit now.
  3. That's not possible, they're two separate identities and they cannot be manipulated together.
  4. You can use MyTeamSpeak to do this. On the PC with the connections/hours go to Tools > Options > myTeamSpeak and you can create an account and sync your profile. On the other PC you can then login to the same account and use that identity.
  5. @Imran They can grant chat permissions, set the client you wish to be able to type to channel group "Password Immune" this will grant the ability to chat and stop the requirement to enter a password to join the channel.
  6. When I have some free time I will add some new features.
  7. @^[N]eRo* #ScreaM! If your points are on your old UID send me a PM and I'll look into transferring them over for you.
  8. This step must actually have effort put into it, you don't get it just by making a post.
  9. What kind of events would you like us to do?
  10. Would you be interested in any PUBG Custom Server Events, different gamemodes etc. Strawpoll for those that don't have forum account: https://www.strawpoll.me/16129494
  11. @MrFaperPLThis has now been added too.
  12. No worries at all, there's always going to be people like that!
  13. Welcome to Enigma! This is probably one of the best introductions to date, actual effort! I've never even heard of that game to be honest, looks like it's a bit old now. Are they making a new version or anything? There can be some shitty behaviour on TS servers, there's a real toxic bunch of owners/admins in places unfortunately but we like to think we run a good ship here. Hope you've found a new home here with us!
  14. The funny thing is Discord is actually based on software I actively used called "Slack" it's a business facing software that Discord took "inspiration" from but didn't take their stance on privacy too seemingly. TeamSpeak for some reason avoid using the number 4 in versioning (https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/136060-Where-did-teamspeak-4-gone?p=458035#post458035) but they are yet to explain why this is.. superstition maybe? TeamSpeak in the past has been heavily faced that they are a VOIP software, not for features like screen sharing, video chat and text chat. I'm unsure if they will stick with this ethos as they're basically re-branding and changing everything. What we do know so far is that it will stay as a de-centralised system where we run our own licensed servers (Good!). What I'm hoping is that we get a modernised version of the client with a new sleek look, similar/same channel/client tree and an overhauled text chat with embedding of images, better chat history etc. I'm personally not wanting to see video chat or screen sharing as this would immediately change the ethos of TeamSpeak. In my honest opinion, this is TeamSpeak's make or break moment. They need to put all their cards on the table and go all in, if not their business may diminish year by year. If I see TeamSpeak fall to the growth of Steam's new chat I'll be fine with that as Steam as a company are trustworthy but I just do not feel the same towards Discord as they're funded by VC's with no clear way of generating revenue back for those shareholders. But anyway, here's to the future!
  15. Hey! So TeamSpeak 5 has been confirmed to be in development and a re-branding is taking place from within TeamSpeak. Here's their new logo - New MyTeamSpeak Badges (Currently no information on when these will be available): "MyTeamSpeak early adopter" "New MyTeamSpeak member" Here's their new advert: Currently we haven't been given much information to go on in terms of what will be different in TeamSpeak 5 from a technical perspective (Annoyingly..!) so we will not know until Q4 of this year realistically if our features that have been made by myself for us will even work on TeamSpeak 5.. what we do know so far that TeamSpeak 5 will have a new UI/UX experience which is great! http://www.4players.de/4players.php/spielinfonews/PC-CDROM/2709/2175577/TeamSpeak-Fokus_auf_Gaming_Version_50_fuer_Ende_2018_geplant.html?4pTemplate=desktop According to 4players.de there will be Twitch intergration embedded within TeamSpeak 5. TeamSpeak 5 is already listed under the downloads section of the TeamSpeak website as coming soon! Our aim will be to support TeamSpeak 5 when it is released fully. But I will endeavour to find out more information and regularly update this post with information and our plans for support.
  16. Patrick

    I'm NikhrOo

    Welcome to Enigma!
  17. Patrick

    I am Maawia

    Welcome to Enigma!
  18. Hi Matthew, Welcome to Enigma! I can imagine you feel quite an increase in FPS with that upgrade! 😀
  19. We've updated our server to TeamSpeak 3.2.0 which enables the ability to use unicode emoji's in TeamSpeak channel names, client names, text chat etc. What is unicode emoji? Unicode is the standard for text & emoji (but currently there are many different versions of looks, but it's a standard for making them reference the same emoji on all devices) https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html An example of icons that you could use: 🚀🍬 Currently on Windows it doesn't look great.. this is due to Windows font not having coloured emoji. (We're currently hoping TeamSpeak will release a client update with coloured emoji's packaged with the client rather than defaulting to Windows plain text ones) Here's what it looks like on iOS: A good site to copy/paste & search for unicode emoji is here: https://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode For example: https://apps.timwhitlock.info/unicode/inspect/hex/1F601 You can use these as you wish, currently we have no plans on banning any of these being in names or channel names. As far as I'm aware not ALL unicode emoji's are supported, but a significant amount are so you should be able to use them without a problem.
  20. This is for balance purposes if not the stocks system is too profitable in a short period of time.
  21. Yes, but please make sure they are not spam posts. We will remove any that are posted on topics that are for example from 2016.
  22. They'd be 16x16 pixels in size and wouldn't even be recognisable. Added a few new icons: Any other requests?
  23. What icons could they even be?
  24. Patrick

    Hi boys

    You can't get the forum registered group unless your introduction post has some effort put into it.
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