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  1. Unfortunately I'm unable to do this.
  2. I can see the key is still valid, are you copying it directly from the email and checking there are no spaces at the start or end?
  3. Hey, Just some interesting stats: Currently 21,102 channels have been created via our website. (Glad I didn't keep doing those manually like I did at the very start..) This month 1st - 22nd users have spent a total of 11,097 hours chatting with an average of 9.9 hours per user. Gandalf has the most bets with 26,082 and a 41% win rate. (Seems like someone autoclicked!) Our server has seen over 79,707 users connect in total! Anything else you'd like me to check?
  4. I'll see what's possible on the windows app front, no promises there. Lottery system is possible, need a good idea on how to do it first.
  5. We've only done 1 Client Icon giveaway in the past, so we're gonna do a second. The winner will get a custom client icon on the TeamSpeak server that only they can use, they'll be allowed to pick one (Within reason of our rules etc). They can either provide the image or I'll attempt to make it the correct size and look good. What's a custom client Icon? A custom client icon is how we set purchaseable icons via the points system, it just means we'll manually set one to you that only you can have. What can I have as an Icon? This is subjective to our rules and what we'll allow due to CopyRight, legal stuff etc. I'll discuss this with you myself. Comment below to enter, a winner will be picked at random. Post will be locked on 17/04/2019. Please note it will remove one of these icons should you win: Congratulations @Tracker
  6. Would you like a windows app that could be used as an alternative to viewing the website? Would take some time to make but it's possible for me to do in a secure manner which would prevent cheating attempts. Would be limited features in the client, but opens the possibility of more features. Let me know your thoughts. Edit - How about some form of lottery system too?
  7. I'm giving away 10,000,000,000 points to 5 people. Added some new features on the forums after some updates which broke stuff, should now be fixed. Comment below to enter. Congrats: @Pappa @ayrton @EightGalaxies @MrFaperPL @peterguk
  8. Your point count & badge now appear on the forums on the left of your post and on your profile. Please report any bugs.
  9. Patrick


    Welcome to Enigma-Gaming!
  10. So I've been coding stuff for TeamSpeak in PHP for quite some time so here's some examples that may help you if you've stumbled upon this section from somewhere on the internet. In no way is my code perfect, these are just examples of ways I've hacked some stuff together. Feel free to use any examples wherever you want, I wont be posting full scripts just snippets.
  11. <?php require 'TeamSpeak3/TeamSpeak3.php'; $user = 'serveradmin'; $password = 'password'; $ip_query = ''; $port = 9987; try {$ts3_VirtualServer = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://$user:[email protected]$ip_query/?server_port=$port&nickname=GetNameByIP"); foreach ($ts3_VirtualServer->clientList() as $cl) { if ($cl->client_type) continue; if ($cl->getProperty('connection_client_ip') == $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) { $result[] = $cl->client_nickname; $uid = $cl->client_unique_identifier; } } } catch (Exception $e) { echo "<p class='error'><b>Error " . $e->getCode() . ":</b> " . $e->getMessage() . "</p>"; die; } if ($result == "" ) { exit; } echo "Welcome " . implode(', ', $result) . "<br>"; echo "Your Unique ID: " . $uid; ?>
  12. Patrick


    Welcome to Enigma-Gaming!
  13. Patrick


    Welcome to Enigma-Gaming!
  14. Patrick

    Password immune

    You can't, but channel owner has the same effect as password immune.
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