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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq8EKttSu3I I personally love that song, and the animated intro to go with it is icing on the cake! am one of those people whose has half of their playlists basically dedicated to all kinds of video game music @[email protected]
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    Tracker saying hi. I've used Enigma on and off for quite awhile, but only recently decided to actually register. 😎 I like long walks on moonlit beaches, and my hobbies include being bad at CSGO, being really bad at LoL, and derping around in *Insert flavour of the month game here*. I'm also a pro at Battle Royale, so long as it only consists of Tetris 99, and we define 'pro' as 'someone who isn't consistently dead last in every game'. and also define not being last as any place above 99th, a winner is me!
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