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  1. Hi everyone! I'm F4cada I'm from Portugal and im 15y. I like japanese animes, I'm funny and also I'm a boy. I use this ts to play some games with friends like (csgo, rocket league, fortnite etc) and ye i think that's it! Peace! 😄
  2. Facada

    Password immune

    Just a quick question. Can i give password immune to myself on my own channel ? (i´m the channel owner) If i can reply to this and tell me how. Thank you.
  3. Facada


    Oh and also i've joined this ts back in 2017, i think, with some friends and i liked it and now im back. so that's it
  4. Facada


    Just here to say that, i acctualy like this ts server! And i will bring more people in. cya
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