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  1. Looks awesome, I had a look at their site the other day, it kinda looked like a discord with more options. So should be good and its TS so its always my number one voice chat over any other.
  2. Yes I think he had got a bit power hungery and like to abuse it. As the owner of the TS seems to no longer be around. We could of understood had one of us sed somthing nasty to him or any other person, but we had just been trying to stay out of the way for months, I can't say thing where not sed to him after the ban fest though lol. Well I can say we are realy loveing the server so far as it seems to be suited very well for what we need, as we are just a hand full of lone wolf's now, so no big unit stuff no need for a private server, but the passworded channel is nice, as the guy that banned us, found us on another a units TS that was asorbed by his unit and he kept coming in and out for weeks, which started to upset one of the guys, who then went and made a comment to him, which in turn he used to get us banned there as well (very sneeky of him) I gessed what he was doing just trying to provoke some one to say somthink and I didnt think they would fall for it. Now I know im not making us sound good, as we have been banned from two TS servers, but all I can do is give you my word that the same guy banned us on the one he is now admin/mod of and convinced the guy in his team to ban us on the secound TS. I will now try and stop talking about the past as im sure you have your own dama's to deal with, I just want to be open and honest about how we ended up here. We are so happy to have found this TS as it has taken a weight of, of us and given us some breathing room, because we were all paniced as to how we will stay in tuch and play games togeather. As for MechWarrior Online yes it is old, it was made in 2012 I think and it runs on the Cryengine. Strange that you ask about a new one, yes they have sed MechWarrior 5 mercenaries will be launching in 2019 on Unreal Engine 4, but its not full on PVP like MWO, this one will be singel player and 4 player co-op only, so they say. https://mw5mercs.com/ There have been many games linked around BattleTech I just hope more come about, would love to see a new Mech Commander (Crosses fingers). Sorry about any bad spelling and sentences im extreamly dyslexic and it takes me a very long time to go though and fix the ones I can spot. Some times I find I want to say somthink, but cant think how to remotely spell the word I need or want to use, so I have to reword the hole sentence and in turn adds more spelling mistakes.
  3. Hi all, you may call me what you like, but my real name is Lewis, Im 32yo and living in Buckinghamshire England. Iv been gaming for many years, but only truly found the internet at the age of 12 when I started playing MechWarrior 4 Mercs, a game that not many know about, but one that changed my life. I had played older MechWarrior games and other games, but not online up till that point. I met some of my best freinds from all around the world. Its been some time since those days and I can say we are still all freinds even though we all play diffrent games from eachother now. However I have stuck to my guns and now play MechWarrior Online Solaris 7, all be it not as good as the older games lol. MechWarrior is based in the BattleTech universe witch I also play a PC game of. Well to cut a very long story short me and some of my MWO freinds were part of a unit for some years iv been part of it from the day it was formed over 4-5 years, the new leader of the unit was warned about to not letting this one guy join the unit, but he did let him in and this person caused some drama making some of my closer freinds leave the unit and so we droped down channels in TS and stayed away from main group but in the same TS as we had other freinds there and nowhere eles to go. The TS was for players of the game, it was not the units TS, they just had some channels in the TS and only the unit new leader with admin, we know the guy that owns the TS and he had given us full permition to stay if we ever left that unit as it was a open TS, but we have not seen him for over a year now and iv done my best to try and contact him, on discord, his website and email all to no avail, he seems to have vanished from the earth. Any ways we stayed away from the unit channel for many months to not cause any more drama, but one day in game we got matched up against the guys in the channel above and half way into the match we started winning, when all of a suden we all got 30day ban from the TS mid game with out provercation. So we have been left with out a place to go and chat, So your TS has become a life saver for us and we fully appreciate it. Hopefully we can all become freinds. Ill leave you with some mech porn.
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