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  1. Thanks Melih for donating these keys! Good luck to everyone entering!!
  2. Joshb95


    Welcome to TeamSpeak!
  3. Joshb95

    Hi guys ;d

    Vikings is such a good TV show! Do you know anymore similar shows? Im all up to date with vikings atm
  4. Joshb95


    Hey! Im looking at playing rocket league too, wanna play?
  5. Has this been the case since you first started TeamSpeak?
  6. Could you add more ways of gaining/losing points such as roullete, and 21, etc?
  7. Always free to play Rocket League, Arma 3, PUBG if you like any of these?
  8. Joshb95

    GTX 11 series

    Anyone thinking of getting any of the new 11 series when they get released? I'm looking at the 1170, potentially!
  9. Hey all! Looking at getting some duos for rocket league in, currently averaging gold 3 at the moment so I'm looking at reaching Plat rank soon! Just hit me up with a message and lets get playing!
  10. Aww Patrick don't be like that, opposites attract there's no denying that. Anyway, I'll see you tonight. Want to get dominoes right now?
  11. Hi all, this will be my new and improved introduction of myself, it will be shopping at Waitrose instead of Nettos. Just to start off, I am a size 10 shoes when wearing adidas but strangely a size 9.5 with Nike SB's, how strange is that? I prefer Nikes over adidas anyways. Im a pretty normal human being, got the full package really. 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, and 10 foot fingers. These tend to be covered up with socks though, not my hands as that would be weird, as these help keep them warm during the artic winters we have in the United Kingdom (Thats where I'm from). Currently wearing ankle socks if anyone wanted to know; black socks. Putting aside that, my name is Black, Joshua Black but only Patrick can call me Josh . Gotta keep it PG though cause to be honest, no one ever reads the terms and conditions of anything. At the moment I am currently single, free as a butterfly, a single pringle. Interesting fact about my name, Josh is the 1,832nd most popular name of all time. As a last name Josh was the 61,899th most popular name in 2010. How insane is that?!!! Another interesting fact, if you manage to meet 100,000 people in your life, chances are that 1 of them will have Joshua as their last name. I would say that I like to cook. Chicken would be one of my special dishes, stuffed chicken to be precise. My favourite choice of stuffing has to be cheese, any cheese as long as when it melts it fills the insides up. As a side dish to accompanie this would be boiled beetroot with a dash of gluten free water. The gluten free part is really important as it helps to keep the flavours within the beetroot. Anyways, food talk is over for now as I would love to carry on I feel like this intro has enough of that already. I am a accomplished sesh partier. This entails drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages, sometimes mixed with other drinks to enhance the flavour. Acheiving this has been the proudest momemt of my life so far, and hopefully I can use this knowledge to help other achieve the same, if not better! I think i will call it here and put an end to this introduction part 1, Part 2 will be released very soon so keep your eyes peeled for it , it'll be a corker. Peace out my Fam's Love, Josh xoxoxox <3 <3 xxx
  12. Hi Patrick, I will gladly improve my introduction of myself.
  13. Josh 21 Uk Meme and the Sesh expert
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