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  1. itsJayknee

    CPU help

    Nothing too crazy, I want a decent set up that's over average. I'm not sure how much everything will cost soooo keep it under 1k??
  2. itsJayknee

    CPU help

    Haha OK! - now I need help again
  3. itsJayknee

    CPU help

    I was also thinking of getting a new motherboard that's compatible as well but I'm not sure (prices and stuff) - let me check my specs like Patrick said. I feel embarrassed to share my specs... my dad just bought the parts I just stuck em together - you know what can you tell me what I should really replace, pretend I don't have a budget. Should I just build a new PC..? CPU: Intel Pentium G3220 GPU: AMD HD 7770 SSD: Intel 330 Series 60GB HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F2 1TB RAM: Unknown Team-Elite-1333 1302 PSD32G13332 6GB MBD: Asus H81M-PLUS
  4. itsJayknee

    CPU help

    I kinda think I need a new CPU - the one I'm using is like bare minimum and since I finally have a job and I'm raking in all the money (sorta) I could use some help with picking one since it's not really my area of expertise. I don't need amazingly crazy stuff, my budget is probably around £400 - is that even enough to get a decent one? If you could recommend a few that'd be great! Could really use the help, thanks ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  5. Yeah and everyone takes it in with different perspectives, if you ever need help just lmk I'm sure I can help somehow
  6. Thank you! ^^ Thanks! Maths isn't bad
  7. Hi lukshan! If you're BYOC let me know where your seat is I'll definitely pop by and say hi! Summer lan is always the best.
  8. I've never played hots but it looks pretty cool, maybe I'll join ya
  9. Ooo let me know what seat you're at and I'll come say hi ^~^ and thanks!
  10. Ah, you'll be amazed (well I was), hopefully you get time to go to one! I play Overwatch, LoL, Rocket League (don't even ask me to play with you I'm terrible at this game), Warframe and a few others now and then
  11. An actual game, so for the place I work at you go to the site, we brief you on rules, health and safety etc. We bring you to your room and lock you in (always an emergency button to get out) your backstory is played and then when the timer start you look around the room :). If you wanna find out more this is the place I work for http://cluehq.co.uk/ Do you go to Insomnia?
  12. It's a live escape game. It's like crystal maze, so you're locked in a themed room for 60 minutes and you have to solve all the puzzles to get a final code/key to escape the room. When I first started yeah but they just ask me can you do it again at the next one and I'm like 'I ain't paying 100++ for BYOC', so yes.
  13. Hello! My name is Jay, I'm 18 and a university student studying mathematics. I'm lactose intolerant but I love pizza well I like food in general - I eat way too much (thank god for fast metabolism). I work as a games host at an Escape Game, would highly recommend going to one if you're a gamer (well you're on this site for a reason). I watch anime, cosplay and attend MCM Comic Con. I'm also a tournament administrator (AKA: put people on machines) at this gaming festival called Insomnia - I usually admin Rocket League, Smash, or LoL (unless they need me somewhere else). I am a puppy, musical obsessed female that plays lots of games so do message me if you ever want to play a game! What else should I say? Have a good day
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