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  1. Sorry didn't realise it was for only the point system just thought it was for bug reports. Thanks for the reply.
  2. This is a bug not a suggestion... Don't know why it got moved here.
  3. Hi there, I've been looking at the chat box and from what I can see if the date number is the same as the message that was sent from last month it will say it was today? You can see from this screenshot http://prntscr.com/fb51p3 Not a big issue just looks strange in the chatbox. Thanks Mr. Bilbo
  4. Yeah I know what you mean, when we were up and running we had a few people try copy us, doesn't normally go down well. They think they could get away with using fake TeamSpeak licences. But they would always end up to be 12 years old
  5. Yeah I highly doubt you would remember because I had a completely different name back then I was letting you know about other communities copying your work.
  6. No problem, I used to run my own community like yourself. we have talked once before but this was almost a year ago, I used to have channel creators for example but I modified the scripts to our own needs. I want to eventually make my own one but I can't find the time. If I do I'll let you know
  7. Nah, I'm still at school we started off with VB but I do a lot at home, mainly all web based coding like PHP Javascript etc, I ain't no master at it to be honest but I can get around programming and working a few bits and bobs.
  8. It's not too bad, to be honest, if it's your first programming experience then well done to you! I'm doing computing as well and we didn't do anything like that. @Patrick even if it's not the best it's good for a starter, but also well done on the stock system it's very good!
  9. Mr. Bilbo


    Scotland - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Orkney England - London, Manchester, Essex (Home Town Innit) France - Disney Land Paris Portugal - Don't know where about I was only 6 Greece - Kefalonia Soon I'm going to Ecuador for 3 weeks and the Galapagos islands for one week, going to be doing community work to help out the less fortunate.
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