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  1. Dark

    Hi there c:

    Oh you definatelly have to go some day! Its really awesome.
  2. Dark

    Coursework due.

    What country is this other school in?
  3. I am currently on the points website and i noticed that i (and probably everyone else) do not receive any points. I took this Screenshot at around 19:40 And this one around 19:45 As you can see, the system did not award any points whatsoever, not even the standard 6 i get for being a Donator, so it doesnt fail on the forum integration. Later, i also saw that the Ranks on TeamSpeak are not getting updated, as my friend did not receive his upgrade to 50k+ points. The system seems to be disconnected from TeamSpeak or unable to read some info. I hope this helps. Have a nice day, Dark
  4. Id probably get the game for that...
  5. Dark

    Hello guys

    Hey, tell us a bit more about yourself! What games do you like to play? Welcome to the forums!
  6. Dark

    PC Setups

    Recently got an upgrade Anotehr 1TB SSD... because one aint enough
  7. Yay another German face Welcome to Enigma-Gaming
  8. Dark

    Hello World! :3

    Hey Icy, nice to se another German face on the forums Welcome to Enigma-Gaming
  9. Viel spaß in Deutschland JAAA!
  10. Dark


    Hey, enjoy your stay here! Do you play rocket league?
  11. Dark


    Hey and welcome! Have a nice stay!
  12. I know im just joking lol
  13. I know... And i dont like it (Only 25% like ya know)
  14. As a senior yes, id be happy with 115 for Admin tho
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