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  1. Hello, I am Safia and I live in London. Im 15 (doing GCSEs currently ) and play CSGO occasionally. I don't really have any hobbies as i sit around eating pizza all day long but I was introduced to steam by my friend jack. He introduced me to the game unturned and we used to play it daily and it was really fun. I then downloaded CSGO and i didnt really want to download any more games because tbh it just distracted me. The funny thing is, csgo still distracts me and i love it. I have a passion for maths(i know im a nerd) and my worst regret is taking art for my gcses because i am so bad with deadlines. I like to play the piano and sing, and, ofcourse, hate doing any thing to do with homework or revision. I currently own a good enough laptop to load csgo on but in the future i dream about building my own PC (with the help of youtube videos).
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