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  1. I love the super mario galaxy OST i always listen to it whilst working
  2. Yo buddy really liking thew formatting, it gave your introduction a lot more punch, really glad to meet you dude
  3. This was helpful to me aswell Patrick thank you very much
  4. butter


    Glad you like the server buddy, minecraft is pretty good, but only when modded
  5. Sherlock, Dexter, House and Breaking Bad for me
  6. butter

    PC games

    Gotta agree with u there mate vegas was buff and its tragic that we will probably never get a game like it again
  7. butter

    Favorite Foods

    Gotta love all that buff ting chinese food
  8. butter


    Welcome to our glorious server comrade, we hope u enjoy the borsch
  9. Welcome to the server buddy
  10. What a fun and interesting topic
  11. butter

    Favorite Foods

    What are you people's favorite foods? I like beak and milk steak
  12. Just a thought to give current donators a little bonus and incentivise more to donate
  13. Yo dude cheers for more totally needed it
  14. butter


    Love u repping the union jack have a beautiful time on the sever we just want to make u welcome
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