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  2. Only minor things really, get round to them as and when it seems fit 😁 It seemingly was something along the part where chrome opened it in the ts client (possibly as my identity was already connected?) and so created [username]1 of it. If it's simple as to set me to channel owner when you find the time that'd be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, best viable options? (recreate channel and do so manually this time, etc.)
  3. I haven't had a lot of time to fix stuff like this but I think it's likely just selecting whichever identity is default and would be a TS client issue.
  4. Back to the world of the living, i am here to destroy the universe of the mortal realm. Went to recreate a channel after not existing much. Clicked on the automatic privellege kety link on the site channel creator (always do manual inputs, big dumdum) and i was met with ts creating a second identity that it put the privellege of ownership on instead, whilst also resetting my identities status back to junior member?? Idk whether it's best to see about that automated feature (as it's a really neat idea) or to just keep it as manual self-input for the user priveleges? P.s some friends tried swaying me to discord usage some months ago. The more I use it the less I want to tbh. This community is kinda where it's at
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