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  3. Congratulations @justca1& @lukshan13
  5. Thanks Melih for donating these keys! Good luck to everyone entering!!
  6. Hey, So @Melihhas donated two beta keys for us to giveaway, post below to be entered. Winners will be picked on 06/12/2019.
  7. lemme in it looks pretty good a nice modern update
  8. Looks awesome, I had a look at their site the other day, it kinda looked like a discord with more options. So should be good and its TS so its always my number one voice chat over any other.
  9. Want this key so bad 🙏
  10. I hope I'll win! Good luck to everybody! 😉
  11. I've gotten my hands on 3 beta keys, 1 being given away here and 1 on twitter. To enter for the two here, simply reply below! You can see a quick preview of what it looks like here: Congratulations @petergukI've PM'd you the code.
  12. TeamSpeak 5 Beta is now in closed beta!
  13. Fjpa

    Hi :)

    Hi im Fjpa , and Im a TeamspeakUser that uses this Server mainly for talking with friends. I normally play Csgo , Minecraft or other Racing Games. Im a 15 yo boy I did this post pretending to get the Forum Registered Forum Channel Group
  14. Greetings, and sorry to bother you again. Would it be possible to delete the channel, so that it would be created again? Thank you.
  15. Unfortunately I'm unable to do this.
  16. I can't locate the email. If you could send it to me again, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  17. I can see the key is still valid, are you copying it directly from the email and checking there are no spaces at the start or end?
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