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  3. Patrick

    Question vs3

    Hey @Sn|pe Yeah I purchased the Vs3 domain quite some time ago now, after I was in the clan for a good while. We previously had the old forums up in an archived state so you could view old topics but unfortunately it became too dated and insecure to keep online.
  4. Sn|pe

    Question vs3

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to ask if “Engima” is the new name of the “Vs3 clan” from years ago? If it is; are there still members, from that time, here in Enigma? Kind regards, Sn|pe
  5. Thank you! I was able to create a new "open" channel in the structure. You can delete the channel "Wot - 13AD - Open" now.
  6. Inactive channels are often deleted when I run my deletion script. You should be using sub-channels for this structure anyway, I've moved platoon 1 & 2 under 13AD. Using your channel owner permission you can create more sub-channels now as you require.
  7. Recently, I created several channels. They are: 13AD 13AD - Platoon 1 13AD - Platoon 2 13AD - Platoon 3 Wot - 13AD - Open I know quite a number of channels were recently deleted, and "13AD - Platoon 3" is one of them. I don't know why. What I would like to have happen: Wot - 13AD - Open be renamed to 13AD - Open 13AD - Platoon 3 be recreated 13AD - Platoon 1, 13AD Platoon 2, 13AD Platoon 3, and 13AD - Open be moved so that they are structurally underneath 13AD. I don't have the privileges to do this. How do I get this done? Thank you.
  8. Hello, can i get the owner chanel icone on my chanel pls, and i want do donate 10£ wher i can do that/ thx nice sv :P

  9. Hello there, for any reason our channel Skrotya at secction 9, lost the Channel owner and i want to ask for be the new channel owner to can make changes on the channel please. Thank you so much. @_Ekygamer_
  10. Hi im Eky Im from Spain and use TeamSpeak with my friend to play games. I normally play Minecraft and StarCraft Im a 35 years old father. I did this post pretending to get the Forum Registered Forum Channel Group Thank you all
  11. I gambled all my points away lol. If I win I won't gamble them... maybe
  12. Here I am, your lucky winner m8... 😃😃😃😃 Thanks in advance.... even if I dont get it, but it would be nice...
  13. I would like to enter. I´m happy to be part of this community. Thank you.
  14. Worked my way to 10M+ so far, would be a saviour to the efforts to get to the rest lmao
  15. I would like to enter .,;,,;,.
  16. I'm giving away 10,000,000,000 points to 5 people. Comment below to enter.
  17. <?php // load framework library require_once("TeamSpeak3/TeamSpeak3.php"); try { #Set your IP & Port here, don't edit any of the format below or it will break rainmeter code. $ip_query = 'localhost:10011'; $port = 9987; $ts3 = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://$user:[email protected]$ip_query/?server_port=$port&nickname=Server-Status-Desktop"); // show server as online echo "<title>Server Status:" . " Online" . "</title>\n"; echo "<title>Server Uptime: " . TeamSpeak3_Helper_Convert::seconds($ts3->virtualserver_uptime) . "</title>\n"; echo "<title>Current Clients: " . $ts3->virtualserver_clientsonline . " / " . $ts3->virtualserver_maxclients . "</title>\n"; $PL = $ts3->getProperty("virtualserver_total_packetloss_total"); $Output = (string)$PL; $Rounded = round($Output,3); $Output = ($Rounded * 100) . '%'; echo "<title>Packet Loss: " . $Output . "</title>\n"; } catch(Exception $e) { // grab errors and show server as offline echo "<title>Server Status:" . "" . " Offline</title>\n"; echo "<title></title>\n"; echo "<title></title>\n"; echo "<title></title>\n"; } ?> I've attached the rainmeter package file to this post. README for rainmeter: Edit line 6 with the URL path to your server-status script. Edit line 46 with your server max clients so: Formula=(MeasureClientsBar/512) * 100 If you have 128 max clients change the above to: Formula=(MeasureClientsBar/128) * 100 TeamSpeak Server Status_1.0.rmskin PHP Dependency: https://github.com/planetteamspeak/ts3phpframework
  18. Hey, I've changed the forum theme to something a bit more basic which requires less maintenance from myself due to my limited free time now. Please let me know if you notice any bugs.
  19. It's automated, it'll show in your points page.
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