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  3. @peterguk Donators aren't sent this message on connection, this is why you haven't seen it in some time.
  4. Patrick

    TOP donator

    There is only one Top Donator and that is @felipe1702 To take that spot from him you'd have to donate around £300 in total. As he's been with us quite some time his total donations have racked up quite a bit now.
  5. ayrton

    TOP donator

    hello yesterday i donated 11 pounds for the vip channel and i notice there are a lot off TOP donators on the server since i really enjoy this teamspeak i would like to know how much do u need to donate for top donator or what do u need to do to get the rank?
  6. That's not possible, they're two separate identities and they cannot be manipulated together.
  7. But my problem is that i have 221 and over 600 connections on the other computer and i would like to add them together so that i would have over 1000 connections.
  8. You can use MyTeamSpeak to do this. On the PC with the connections/hours go to Tools > Options > myTeamSpeak and you can create an account and sync your profile. On the other PC you can then login to the same account and use that identity.
  9. So i have switched computer and im wondering if i can somehow connect the accounts to each other to get the connection and hours together.
  10. @Imran They can grant chat permissions, set the client you wish to be able to type to channel group "Password Immune" this will grant the ability to chat and stop the requirement to enter a password to join the channel.
  11. I think channel owners should be able to somehow give other new users permission to chat in their channel.
  12. Welcome to the forums Hannan! 🙂
  13. Heeey there, My name is Hannan, I first joined enigma in 2016 and I really loved it, I also told my friends to come here and we made a channel had a great time here.. and then I got busy with real life stuff and all and didnt really get time to turn my PC on to be honest.. and now I am back on this great server with great people and I am really excited to be part of enigma community once again ❤️
  14. Hey, you still looking for new?
  15. Welcome to the forums Nadir! 🙂
  16. @Patrickgood enough I hope sir
  17. When I have some free time I will add some new features.
  18. @^[N]eRo* #ScreaM! If your points are on your old UID send me a PM and I'll look into transferring them over for you.
  19. This step must actually have effort put into it, you don't get it just by making a post.
  20. Greetings everyone, my name is Nadir and i'm from Sudan(North Africa), I enjoy many activities but for me mostly online gaming is the most accessible(lol no need for details), mainly play league of legends(main jungle, diamond in most seasons and currently) and recently rainbow six siege with friends, another game I play often is Art of War: Red Tides. If anyone friendly would like to join me in any of these games don't be shy to message me! Any other non-personal questions are also welcome. Take care and peace to all! ❤️
  21. No, only noticed today but think it hasn't displayed that chat tab for a number of months.
  22. Joshb95


    Welcome to TeamSpeak!
  23. Joshb95

    Hi guys ;d

    Vikings is such a good TV show! Do you know anymore similar shows? Im all up to date with vikings atm
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