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      Announcements of anything that seriously affects or improves Enigma-Gaming's Forums, TeamSpeak etc.

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      Discuss anything related to the Enigma Gaming community here.

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      We regularly aim to do giveaways of anything we can get our hands on so check here every so often to see what's going on! 

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      This section is for everything and anything that's unrelated to the TeamSpeak server that doesn't fit into any other category. 

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      Introduce yourself to the community and in return you will be given the forum registered server group! 

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      If you have a question regarding our specific server or TeamSpeak in general, ask it here! 

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      General Discussions relating to the Points System, Rankings etc.

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      If you wish for something to be added to the points system or any of it's related modules, then this is the place to make your case and explain your idea. All feedback and suggestions are taken into consideration. 

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      If you need help with something in the points system post here and someone will give you some guidance.  

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      Bug reports for anything in relation to the points system, all posts here are not automatically posted and require approval to be seen. 

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    • Sorry Rallbot for the very late reply but yeah love borderlands but i didnt like pre sequel very much so yeah i think borderlands 3 will be better well i hope so
    • Hey Brandon, welcome to the forums! 
    • Welcome to Enigma-Gaming!     
    • Hi, my name is Brandon! Call me XLS I don't mind. I'm 17 years old and live in the UK. I work 5pm-11pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in a takeaway, the money isn't great but it gets me through the month considering I don't need to worry about bills and stuff. I'm a guitarist and I've been playing for around 6/7 years now and I still feel like I've made no progress . I dropped out of college from a media course, not because I found it hard(Because I didn't), because I didn't like the people I was obligated to work with... They were too, immature and not the brightest of the bunch. I found the course fun but then it got way too stressful having to help everyone and sort things out that I wasn't even involved in. I didn't do too well on my GCSE's but that was because I had a lot of personal problems at home and outside of school, I'm planning on going back into education now to sort those grades that I didn't quite reach.   I'm a gamer, obviously, I play a lot of CS:GO and only a little bit of GTA V FiveM. I prefer CS:GO over anything though but I'm currently looking for a team to join but having no luck. If anyone wants to join me on CS:GO my steam link is http://steamcommunity.com/id/PerksGamer/ . If you want to catch me on TS3 my channel name is CS:GO KnowALL. Just message me asking to join or add me on steam to ask to join and I'll most likely let you. I'm a MG and I have over 1000+ hours on the game. I don't hack or cheat in any way shape or form. I don't like to rage on the game as I only try to play it with high morale to try and keep my teams spirit up.    There's not really much else to me... I'm as boring as I sound. Any questions for me? Ask away I'm open to anything!
    •   You cannot, points hold no monetary value. 
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